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Time to recharge!

Hey! Starting a job and running a site can get interesting. I'm adding another blog finally.

Here is some basic information about ‘recharging’ the Subtle Energy Generators. These devices are actually self sustaining. But once in a while you will notice they feel off or don’t look as vibrant as it used to. When that happens, an hour or so in the sun will perk them right up. There are some that will fade when left in the sun too long. For example, the Blue Balance ISEG’s have Kyanite in them, which is photo-sensitive and the blue will fade if left in the sun continuously. There are others, like the Solar Shield ISEG’s, that thrive in the sun. I personally like to let mine have a ‘sun spa’ about once a month. I like to time it to the full moon so I have a consistent time frame to recharge them. That goes for my pendulums, pendants, and the non-wearables.

Have a great day and week!

To your energetic health,


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