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New Products, My Challenge to Me

Here is a pic of one of my newest creations:

Dendritic Healer!

This powerhouse has Dendritic Opal

Enhanced with white quartz or agate or a mix of the 2.

I also have finally completed the first Obelisk that has been added to the family.

A chakra obelisk for the base 7 chakras.

Also, I have poured a set of 7 chakra coins for placing on the body,

Or holding in your hand in meditation.

So the challenge I set for myself:

To upload or go live every single day in December!

On Youtube or Odysee

(linked below)

I have been uploading videos.

I finally figured out how to multistream as well...

and for a tech challenged person,

that was a feat!

But now it is moving along.

Swing by and check out a video or two.

Subscribe and like.

I am getting to word out that I have these other platforms.

Help me grow them as well.

Blessings to your health!

P.S. I am working on a new course. More details coming soon.

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