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Busy Life Happenings!

It has been busy around my life lately.

My day job has been eating a lot of my time.

But I am still learning and growing,

and that's why I wanted to share a vlog(my first vlog as I see it)

about stuff that happened at my day job recently.

I wanted to share the story and how Spirituality

can by applied in every day life.

In all aspect of your life there is a spiritual undertone if we but look.

Below are the links to the video on Odysee and Youtube.

If you like this kind of content,

please like and subscribe there.

I try to post once a week and the topics vary,

all are Spiritually themed.

Thank you!

Have a blessed week!

Join me on Odysee:$/invite/@MysticGenmara:9

Vlog #1:

Youtube Vlog #1:

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