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This is the art I create that is less Mystic in nature.  Although, creation by its very nature is a magical experience.  Made in Idaho, yarn becomes beautiful and useful art pieces.  From Dishcloths to shawls and scarves.  I also crochet larger items like afghans.  These will be displayed for sale on this page.  The shipping cost will be included in the price on the larger pieces and it will be marked in the description of the items.  The smaller items will fall under the shipping prices already established.  I only make duplicates of things like dishcloths and hot-pads.   All other pieces you see are the only one in stock and will be removed once purchased.  I am always making something, so check back often to see what is new in the Fiber Art section. 


  I will do some custom work.  Smaller projects will take at least 30 days and larger projects are a minimum of 60 days.  I will limit my custom orders, I am only one person after all.  For the custom orders, email will get things started, but I reserve the option for a video call to verify colors and/or pattern.  Cost will be determined per order.

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