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Orgone. The word sounds mysterious and eerie. It is one name for the energy of life and creation. Other familiar names are Chi, Qi, Prana, and Aether.


The term Orgone was coined by a man from Germany named Wilhelm Reich. He was a writer and a medical scientist in the early 1900’s.


Reich left Germany in 1939, coming to America to continue his research outside of the oppressive Nazi restrictions. He discovered a way to harness this energy for healing uses by condensing this energy in a closet or cabinet, called an Orgone condenser. A sick or unwell person only needed to sit in the cabinet for a short time(15-30 minutes) to experience the benefits. For a chronic condition or a form of cancer, 30 minutes were recommended several times a day. According to the few remaining bits of research, he had amazing results with no known side-effects. The reason there is so little remaining of his research and experiments is that the FDA decided that his work was dangerous and started to find ways to ban it. Eventually, this led to Reich being imprisoned on trumped up charges. He later died in jail.


To date, only a very few cabinets still exist in private collections as medical oddities. A few of his employees and research assistants did save some of his work, or the story would have ended there.


The remaining fragments of his research have been experimented with in various ways, most of this being in metaphysical circles. People were trying to harness this healing energy that Reich had discovered. Over time there was success in the blending of resins and metals to create small healing devices.

In the 1980’s and 90’s a theory came forward suggesting that Orgone energy could undo the negative effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies(EMF’s). Mr. Karl H. Welz is the originator of this theory.


In the late 1990’s a couple, Don and Carol Croft, discovered that by adding crystals to the resin/metal matrix one could generate this energy, not just condense it.


The modern day Orgone Generators were born.


Another benefit of using crystals in the generators is that each crystal or stone has its own energy vibrations known as the piezoelectric energy. Crystals and stones have historical uses in the energy healing community. It is my belief(in alignment with others in this field) that these other energies are brought into active roles when added to the generators.


I started working with this form of generator in early 2020 since the world shutdown which gave me time to delve back into my studies. After many experiments, I developed the Idaho Subtle Energy Generators(ISEG’s), in which I use Idaho sourced crystals and stones. I also use stones and crystals from other areas. I designate the Idaho sourced ones with the intro ISEG.


Beyond the EMF clean-up abilities, there are the metaphysical properties that come into play. Besides, they look cool and let you have a little piece of Idaho in your life.

As these are all handmade from raw or home tumbled stones, please allow for variations in stone and crystal size and shape.

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