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April 2022

Hey everybody, I have been delinquent on blog posts this year. I have been busy at weird hours.

I have been building a Youtube and Odyssee video channels! What people see in a 15-30 minute video is such a small part of the actual process.

It takes research, planning for time, meditation, building notes, then the recording.

Of course then you have to listen to the video to check for quality,

or at least listen to a few moments.


With my internet speed, it takes about 45 minutes per 20 minute video.

And thumbnails, pics for the image you see before the video plays.

Descriptions for the videos and any relevant links.

It can take between 3 hours and several days per video uploaded.

It gives me a whole new respect for some of these content creators.

On that note, here are the links to my channels.

To join Odysee:$/invite/@MysticGenmara:9

My Odysee channel:


For those who don't know, Odysee is an Alternative to Youtube, it is based on the blockchain and crypto. Its actually an up and coming video site.

I have other plans for the future, including some streaming stuff.

If you have any suggestions for streaming services, I am all ears.

There are a lot of them out there and trying to pick one is daunting.

Have a great weekend!

To your energetic health!!

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