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After a journey that started in September of 2020,

6 months of class work and countless practices

with amazing people.

All the help I received from others,

and having the time to go for it.

Here is the certification that is the culmination of my work.

This is the basis for my reading sessions.

I am working on adding some other types of sessions as well.

This course and 1 other group of friends were the reason

this website is here.

It is also why I found my passion again.

Now I bring my passion and years of study

to all of you.

Bringing a mix of crystals and stones

that help with daily life, passively.

I also am bringing my metaphysical


to the table.

To your energetic Health!

P.S. I am aware of the typo, and I think its a good reminder

we all have ways to improve,

and our flaws make us unique!

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