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Pendulums are Fun!


Fun little bobs on a string or chain.

They can help you figure out your stress or strain.

Swing one way for yes and yay!

Swing another for no-go away.

I like poetry, and I like to write it.

Pendulums, such an interesting form of divination.

Very easy to use: ask and go.

The trick is getting one tuned to your body's energy field.

I like to hold mine in my receptive hand (the one I don't write with),

Take 3 deep breaths in and out.

Then I ask the Divine to guide the pendulum to answer my questions.

Obviously yes and no questions.

When you are learning,

Hold the bead end(the tiny end) in your dominant hand,

Allow the heavy end to swing gently until it stops.

If it doesn't stop,

you can stop it with your other hand.

You want it as still as you can make it

So the rest of the tuning is easier to see.

Ask the pendulum to show you the "yes" motion.

Then show the "no" motion.

Then you can test it by asking it if your name is your name:

I.e. "Is my name Bob?" When your name is Suzie.

It should give the "no" motion.

Then ask if your real name is right,

It should give the "yes" motion.

I like to tune mine to the yes/no motion pattern,

for a week so I can learn how it answers questions.

That way it can tap into your energy and the Divine guidance easier.

Then I start asking the divination type questions.

I will do a video on my page about this soon.

To your energetic health!


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