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Opening Day!

Updated: May 1, 2021

After much headache, stress, and working the energy I am happy to bring this website to you, finally. There is an intro on the home page of who I am and what I offer, so I will skip that here.

I will try to upload a little blurb each week. Pictures, maybe a little video, and/or just writing. I will also post information about how each service works and some tutorial steps as well if the reader is interested.

Please be patient with me, this is the first online business I have worked with so there is a learning curve on my end. If you see anything that is off, or needs improvement, check out the contact form and let me know. P.S. Most of the pics are my own, my eye is more in physical art, not so much with photos, but I like them.

Also, I am working on a monthly newsletter. Exclusive information for those on the email list. New products as they become available, new service announcements before anyone else. As well as an oracle card pulled for the month and my intuitive reading of it in written form. I will keep it short, and focused on topics that come up from questions from here and the facebook group I host.

Thank you to the following people for encouraging me, kicking my rear-end into gear, and supporting me as this has come into fruition: Sirouj & Sarah, Juli M, Colleen, Cera, and my mom(of course). And I can't forget Jen from the Soul Success Unleased program for the amazing training and all my new friends that have come into my life as a result of the classes. Thank you and Blessings on every one of you!

To your energetic health,


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