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June 19th, Element Pause for Healing

Hello everyone!

I am new to this blogging thing, so I am horrible at the consistency. But I have a desk calendar, so I am scheduling it.

The picture I am sharing today is by a creek. I found a few of really cool river washed stones there. Beautiful white/milky quartz and a couple of ones with red veins in them.

Being out in nature is so soothing for the soul. Listening to the creek flow, hearing the birds in the trees. Fresh air. Bright sun(although getting burned is getting old).

I feel it is good to slow down and feel the energy of nature. All the elements combine to heal the human soul. The fiery Sun, the flowing water, grounding earth, the fresh air, combining with the spirit of the Divine to heal the heart and soul of each person. When you are having a hard day, stressed out, or just need a minute, remember to find a safe place with all the elements so you can recharge and ground. That’s all for today.

To your energetic health.


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