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January 11, 2022: First blog of the New Year

With everything going on in the world, I wanted to bring something forward that would help bring some level of peace. The Subtle Energy Generators I create are based on the Scientist Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s research. He felt that the radio waves of the early 1900’s were harming the human race. So he was working on ways to work with the energy of nature to heal us from our own craziness. He was working with the energy he called ‘Orgone.’ Other cultures called in Chi/Qi, Prana, Aether, etc.

In the course of figuring out how to use this subtle energy over the years of my studies, I came across Dr. Reich. I feel that our modern day ‘science’ is failing us at an energetic health level. The older methods of healing are coming back into our collective consciousness, since they actually heal the problems not mask the symptoms. The photo in this blog shows how they can work, clearing the color to purify the water. This is a freezer test I perform on all new styles to make sure they actually work. Check out my Facebook page( to find out more.

Dr. Reich felt this way as well. He wanted to heal without using chemicals if possible. His simple methods brought forth a lot of wellness, until he was taken down by the establishment medical ‘scientists’ of his time. Remember, when he was researching all of this, radio waves were his concern. Now look at the state of the world from background radiation. Microwaves & 5G(but I repeat myself), 4G, cellphone, radio, wi-fi, etc., waves bombard our energy bodies and physical bodies constantly.

The Pyramids, Cones, soap dishes, and pendants I offer are based off of his research mixed with my studies in crystal therapy. Each one is hand made. The king stones(center stones) are ones that I have collected and polished, the others are sourced as ethically as possible. The king stones I have collected are marked by “I.S.E.G.” I like to use varied crystals and semi-precious stones to enhance the energy with other energies like peace, love, sleep, and there are more coming.

What my intention with this business is to bring the Healing energy that Dr. Reich championed to a wider audience. There are others that create with this energy. And I feel that the more this energy spreads, the better we as a race can be in our health and healing.

If you feel so led, please take a look at what I currently offer. I am also working on some new stuff for this coming year. Including a course on some other energies that I feel are important. I am also open to suggestions, so if there is something you are looking for but don’t see, you can message me with the contact form.

To your energetic Health

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