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Oracle Card Readings

  • 20 minutes
  • 20 US dollars
  • Online video call

Service Description

Mystics with crystal balls. Late night trips to the cabin in the woods to see the wise one and get a glimpse of the future. Then there is the modern day reader. Business people in suits, moms with kids playing in the background, men reading from a bench in the garage. Oracle card readers are everywhere. Some tell the future, some read energy, Karma, etc. The truth is, a card reader can read for many things. My readings focus on your current energy and influences. I have found a 3-card spread to be very effective. It can be ‘Past, present, future,’ ‘ Where am I now and the 2 primary issues,’ or ‘Where am I now and what’s working/not working?’ It should take about 20 minutes and I will do them live on a video call or let me know when you schedule and I will work offline and email you the reading in written form.. I offer the following decks to choose from: 1. Mystical Wisdom 2. Dragon Oracle 3. The Starseed oracle 4. The Angel Guide 5. Angel Tarot 6. Fairy Tarot 7. Tarot Art Nouveau 8. Shaman's Dream Oracle So book your reading and which deck you would prefer. Any questions can be emailed to

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