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Chakra Balancing

  • 1 h
  • 75 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

The 7 primary chakra’s are the bodies main energetic ‘organs.’ They hold the Aura in place according to some modalities. With this energy healing session, I work with various Archangels to help bring the chakra’s, root to crown, into balance. When out of balance, the chakras can lead to being tired, listless, and in general just feeling off. This can lead to having foggy brain, or if they are over active, they can lead to hyperactivity. What I do with the Angels, is energetically bring balance in accordance with your Higher self to the chakra system. Bringing lower frequencies up and balancing hyper active ones to a more optimal state. I work with the primary 7 chakras, and if guided to, I will work with the 5D chakra’s as well. The 5D chakras are the chakras that are coming online currently as a part of the planets Ascension out of the 3D world we currently live in. As the planet grows and Ascends to a higher plane of existence, so do we as life on the planet. These 5D chakras are part of our Spiritual Ascension matrix. They are coming online as each individual is reaching the point to open them. Each person is in a different level on their path, so in some sessions I will be guided to work with these chakra’s, others I may not work with them. Either way, I will work to balance the primary 7 chakras with the aid of the Angels, crystals and other guides. These sessions are not the Aura Reading sessions. This is a way to balance the chakra system, helping you align with your Higher path. I offer this service online via a video chat, or I can work it remotely and send along a summary of the session and next steps you can take to support the balancing. On the checkout page leave a note if you prefer video or email report As always, these sessions are to be used as a compliment to other therapies. I do not make medical claims or give medical advice.

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