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Aura Readings

  • 1 h
  • 100 US dollars
  • Online via video call

Service Description

The Aura. The energetic cloud that surrounds all living things and serves as the foundation of the physical world. Emotions, subconscious thoughts and beliefs flow and swirl with each other within the aura. In the modality that I practice, I read the aura in layers loosely correlated with the base 7 Chakra system(chakra info can be found here During a reading, I will speak as it comes to me and what I see. I work with a concept of ‘what is working for you and not working’ in each layer. The ‘not working’ part is not always a negative thing, it can be a lesson that you have learned Karmically and are ready to release or a thought pattern that is no longer valid in your experience. The ‘working for you’ part is self explanatory: what is working in that layer that is benefiting you on your journey at this time. During a reading, I may see colors, images, Angels, and guides. Anything that comes to me, I will repeat to you. As I am working through the layers, if you have questions or need clarity, you can ask. Just remember, there is a lot of energy swirling around the body, and during a 1 hour session there is only so much time, and I want to give you the value of the experience. At the end of each reading, I will offer a Christ Light healing for over all clearing and releasing or a Deactivate and Elevate to remove a specific energy and uplift it to its higher form. Then there is the homework part. The ‘Next step’ is a next step that will help you step forward with releasing or clearing. Simple, easy to follow actions that are your ‘work’ to keep moving forward in your path. If this sounds like something you would like to experience, book your Zoom call here. If you don’t use zoom, email me here to look into alternatives. All times available are in Mountain Time as I live in Idaho.

Contact Details

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