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Fortune Telling Cards
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Born and raised in Idaho.  I've had random forays out of the state, but Idaho has my heart.

I have always been drawn to crystals and stones.  Luckily, I was born in the Gem State.  And now I have the opportunity to share these precious and unique resources with others.  Locally sourced stones are used in my Idaho Subtle Energy Generators(marked by ISEG's).  The other stones and crystals I use come from small or family -owned businesses.

My interest in spiritual things also began early in life.  For over 20 years, I've studied various concepts and theories in the spiritual world.  I have studied into several modalities and belief systems over the years trying to understand life on this planet.  Throughout all of my research the one thing I noticed was a continual flow of energy underlying everything.  After researching and trying a great number of energy classes, I am ready to offer this service myself.

I currently offer aura readings and energetic healings using the Soul  Success Unleashed modality mixed with a few other modalities along the way.  I am also ordained with the Universal Life Church.  I am still on a quest to learn more and will add content as I learn and download more.  

To your energetic health,


Areas covered include:

Relationship Energy

Career Energy: What's happening with the energy surrounding the career

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What's working and not working energetically

Energies working with you on your path

These services and devices are not a replacement for medical services.  Entertainment and spiritual development only.

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