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Connecting to the Divine Meditation Set

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This is a meditation course to help you on your Spiritual Journey. This 3 video series gives you some basics about how I have come to understand the Divine, How to connect with the 2 primary aspects, and some Idea’s on how to develop the connection in a personal way. In the first video you will be given my personal philosophy on how I view the Divine. I will explain some of my journey on how I came to this understanding. I will reference some historical details to back up my view. In the next 2 videos you will be given some basics on what it means to tap into the Masculine and Feminine Energies respectively. There will be a guided meditation in each video that will guide you into the darkness of existence, and you will be brought into the light again. There you will discover your patron God and Goddess, the aspects of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine that is right for you. I use a variety of attunements and energies to support you on this journey. These are the first steps in building a deeper understanding and connection to the Divine Family. I will be available via this website to answer questions as you go along and I will offer guidance if you would like it in finding out more about the Divine that comes to you. Blessings on your Journey!

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Connecting to the Divine Group

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